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Empowering Indie Game Developers

I created Empowered.gg with the goal of sharing my tools and knowledge with the game development community, and I’m passionate about contributing to the success of indie game developers. With Empowered.gg, you can learn by yourself and get free access to the resources and knowledge that I’ve gained from years of experience in the industry. I firmly believe that with passion, resourcefulness, and the willingness to learn, anyone can thrive in the world of game development. And for those who want a more personalized experience, I can offer services to help take their game to the next level.

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About Me

Empowered.gg brings together my two greatest passions: video games and business consulting. I have a wealth of experience in the video game industry, having co-founded and served as vice president of two companies – an esports organization and a retro video game e-commerce store – for 6 years. Additionally, I have worked as a consultant for an international law firm. Currently, I balance my time between helping others in the video game industry through Empowered.gg and working as a product owner for a non-profit organization. 

I see myself as a “paladin” in the gaming world, always striving to support and empower those around me to be their best. That same philosophy extends to my approach to business and my clients.



Maximize Your Potential

I offer my expertise in marketing, planning and pitching, and publisher relations to help indie game developers reach their goals. Explore the services I provide to elevate your game and your team’s success. Keep in mind that my blog offers a wealth of information for those looking to get started on their own.


Get a clear understanding of the market positioning for your game, understand your competition, gain valuable insights, and create a strong community to attract players.

Planning and Pitching

Put together a compelling pitch for publishers or investors, establish a solid business strategy, and create a comprehensive business plan.


Find the perfect publisher that aligns with your goals and style. Make informed decisions about this future partnership.

They Trusted Empowered.gg

Read the success stories

Start Your Journey Together

Feel free to reach out to me via Discord to share your project and discuss how we can help you or your organization. You can send me a message anytime, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have any comments or questions about the last article, don’t hesitate to send them my way through Discord as well at Galabyca#5789 (be careful, it’s case sensitive).